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Our hunting approach

Aligning with our breeding program and the overall Meletse philosophy, our hunting approach focuses exclusively on making the highest quality specimens available in their natural surroundings.

Whether in the wildlife, the accommodation, the catering or the hunting expeditions, be assured of a pure experience that delivers everything you might expect in a natural, authentic manner. Be prepared to be confronted with Africa in its purest form, as you embark to hunt some of the most truly spectacular animals of the Kalahari wilderness.

The conservancy STS-Meletse
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Set in the rolling red dunes of the Kalahari, the hunting conservancy of STS-Meletse is 53,000 acres of unbridled natural beauty, a true hunter’s paradise.

Here, nestled between the dry Kuruman riverbed and the Molopo river, our centuries-old camel thorn trees and huge herds of game will challenge your hunting skills, as each dune crossing holds new, unexpected sights and sounds, you can easily expect a face to face encounter with buffalo, and huge herds of oryx and springbuck.

On the hunt
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The hunting experience on STS-Meletse consists first and foremost of hunting free animals in their natural African habitat. Unrestricted by borders and boundary fences, both the hunter and the hunted roam free and far as they each fulfil their natural purpose.

Your guides will be indigenous trackers, intuitive experts at following a spoor through our malaria-free savannah. They also play a vital role in making sure your experience is safe, true and uncompromisingly African. Whether per vehicle or on foot, our savannah delivers unprecedented access to an authentic hunting adventure.


Our animals
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The massive expanse is home to kudu, springbuck, buffalo, roan, sable, rhino, oryx, blue wildebeest, black wildebeest, eland and red hartebees.

STS Meletse boasts the largest natural herds of our resident breeds, well-known for the fact that they have been genetically kept separate from outside dilution. Roaming free on STS-Meletse is the biggest concentration of trophy quality oryx and our exceptional Kalahari springbuck. Our buffalo herds roam free and far on the conservancy, of whom most of the bulls are Rowland Ward sized animals. Last but not least, our massive Damara springbuck rounds out our top tier hunting animals. Whether on the hunt for trophies or biltong, our variety will delight even the most discerning hunter. Bird life includes the intimidating martial eagle, secretary bird, kori bustard, an impressive white-backed vulture colony, and weavers with their typical communal nests.

The best accommodation:
Mokala Lodge

Settled between the sand dunes of STS-Meletse, Mokala Lodge offers a complete oasis of serenity.

In keeping with the natural landscape and the Meletse philosophy of natural comfort, foreign landscaping and infrastructure has been kept to a functional minimum. Our colonial-styled lodge has 12 en-suite twin bedrooms all with air-conditioning. There is also a central dining room, a lounge and bar area – all with wireless internet access. We offer game-drives, sundowners on the sand dunes and a swimming pool to escape the unrelenting African heat. Your hosts are well-known for their friendly hospitality and know the area like the back of their hands. In their company you can be assured of indulging on scrumptious home-cooked and traditional meals, whether in comfort at the lodge or out in the field as we track the animals.

Additionally, we have a dedicated landing strip making our conservancy easily accessible. You can also drive from the nearby Upington airport, should you prefer. Mokala Lodge is the perfect place to rest, relax and reconnect after a long day out hunting in the natural wilderness of the open Kalahari.


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